Dorobanti area: images from last Sunday’s architectural history & photo tour

Architectural history and photo tour, Dorobanti area, Bucharest, 31 July '11 (©Valentin Mandache)

We had a delightful tour last Sunday, with participants coming from places as far apart as Belgium, US, Poland and of course locals. Dorobanti is one of the best represented areas of Bucharest in terms of quality historic architecture in a relatively good state of preservation. Many of its buildings have unfortunately been affected by the coarse and rapacious property development boom of the last decade, which destroyed or defaced many of its architectural jewels, but nevertheless there are still plenty around examples to admire. The quarter was mostly developed in the inter-war period, with a clear intention to host many of the foreign embassies in its sumptuous edifices that sprang up throughout the area. Therefore the architecture in general, not only that of the edifices occupied by the diplomatic missions, but also of many local residencies is just resplendent. The styles range from magnificent Neo-Romanian to well proportioned Art Deco or exquisite hybrids between the two. There are also some Little Paris style houses from the La Belle Époque period, when Dorobanti was much less developed, with a more bucolic character. Some of the most remarkable sights were houses designed by the great architect Marcel Iancu, in his hallmark International Modernist style, where one can discern the influence of Le Corbusier. I am confident that the tour was very fulfilling for the participants, who had thus an excellent opportunity to examine in situ a wide range of quality historic architecture and listen to professional explanations, giving them a good understanding of the architectural subtleties and sophistication of this prestigious stretch of Romania’s capital. 🙂

Architectural history and photography tour in Dorobanti area of Bucharest, 31 July '11 (Photo: arch Daniela Puia)
Architectural history and photography tour in Dorobanti area of Bucharest, 31 July '11 (Photo: arch Daniela Puia)
Architectural history and photography tour in Dorobanti area of Bucharest, 31 July '11 (Photo: arch Daniela Puia)

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!!! The next Sunday (7 August ’11, 9am-12.00) architectural history and photography tour will take place in Mosilor historic quarter, north-west-central Bucharest (see a map at this link); meeting point: in front of the Armenian church gates – 43, Carol I Boulevard. I look forward to seeing you there !!!

Valentin Mandache, expert in Romania’s historic houses


I endeavour through this series of periodic articles to inspire appreciation of the historic houses of Romania, a virtually undiscovered, but fascinating chapter of European architectural history and heritage.


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