consultancy-workdeskA historic house is an aesthetic product embodying the fashions of the time when it was built, together with the social and artistic aspirations of its proprietors, often an object of art resulting from the meeting of minds between the architect who designed it and the initial owner. It is also an expression of identity, such as national, regional, cosmopolitan, religious, professional, or ethnic, reflected in its architectural style, decoration, ornaments, colour scheme or materials used. In the decades, and in some cases even centuries, since the building has been erected, it has passed through many repairs and renovations. Likewise, an old house throughout its history is affected by natural subsidence, floods, earthquakes, storms, as well as historic upheavals exemplified by wars or economic crises, thus having its design style and symbolic messages, depending of its fortunes, obscured or enriched, under the custody of successive generations of occupants.