I am very much enjoying your site on the buildings of Romania – one of the very few countries, which Nikolaus Pevsner never really explored! I am sure he would have been fascinated by the evidence you present on the Romanian spirit as it influences Art Nouveau and the other movements that interested him so much. If only he had had the Internet at his disposal! Susie Harries, the biographer of Nikolaus Pevsner

I would highly recommend the fascinating guided architectural tours by the hugely knowledgeable Valentin Mandache, for all those looking to learn more about Bucharest’s architectural heritage. Paul Brummell, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

One of the many good things about your website is that it is changing the way I look at the city I live in, Berlin. Monika Baer

Take an architectural tour with a man who knows his stuff: Valentin Mandache. Worth noting that when Prince Charles took a tour of the Old Town during his official visit, Valentin was his guide. Five essential things to do in Bucharest – Bucharest in your pocket 

Discovering Bucharest with the architecture expert Valentin Mandache as our guide. Matthijs van Bonzel, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

If you’re in Bucharest this weekend, don’t miss the Historic Houses of Romania’s Art Nouveau walking tour! Can’t wait to see it for ourselves!  Shanghai Art Deco

Our biggest regret about moving out of Bucharest, is leaving your fantastic architectural heritage tutelage behind! We will miss your tours and you! Holly and Tom Holst, Houston

I thoroughly enjoyed every one of your tours in which I was able to participate. Thank you for playing a part in developing my love for the city of Bucharest. Romana Hur, the Embassy of Canada

He who is tired of London… might consider Bucharest. Historic Houses of Romania’s tours are the top of my travel wish list. Laurence Scales, London guide

I would like to commend you on your impressive breadth of knowledge of the historic Romanian houses. Your dedication to and passion for your work is quite apparent! I was completely unaware of the Neo-Romanian architectural style until I took on a Romanian client and started researching, and your site was surely a huge help. Eric Lind, architect, Sacramento

You are a wealth of information. I have long been interested in Romanian culture. Thank you for sharing this with the world! Julie Dexter, Old Colorado City

I hope your website does have the effect of helping to save and restoring Bucharest’s (and Romania’s) architectural heritage. John Howard, architect, Nottingham

Your site has many fans in Australia. Robin Grow, President of the Art Deco & Modernism Society, Melbourne

“Hats off” to Valentin, who through his excellent website is succeeding in bringing more awareness of some of the wonderful buildings, which still survive here in Romania, doing an excellent job in educating Romanians in their architectural heritage, far more than any “official government body” . Moray Letham, owner and restorer of the 19th c. Casota manor house

My home is in Ireland and I have great memories of my time in Romania. I would like to visit Bucharest again sometime… In the meantime thanks for bringing back happy memories. Coral Hillary

I particularly liked your article on Art Nouveau ironwork. We have nothing like this in Melbourne. Helen Webberley, historian

Bravo Valentin! Like you, I am convinced that documenting as many cases as possible of Neo-Romanian style is important – even essential – work if we are not to lose it all! Indrei Ratiu, Ratiu Center for Democracy

I am glad to see someone documenting Romania’s amazing buildings. I was struck by how many quite extraordinary edifices there are in Bucharest. Rhiannon Connelly, Edinburgh

You make the world a better place by taking us on a pleasant and marvelous virtual journey to Romania. Budji Tresvalles, Philippines

Whenever I leaf through the articles of your site, I feel like strolling through the streets of yestercentury Bucharest. Corina Diamanta Lupu, linguist, Bucharest

Your care for Romania’s architectural heritage is apparent and you take beautiful pictures. Caroline Ely, New York

Discovering this blog, gave me the idea to study for a heritage surveyor, designer or restorer qualification. I will probably go on and specialise in restoring architectural masterpieces. Costel Adjuneanu, Italy

I am enchanted and also learned an enormous amount while reading your precious postings. Stefana Bianu president Rencontres du Patrimoine Europe-Roumanie

Indeed, these are the insights of an erudite expert in architectural styles. Emil Huston, Toronto

It gives me joy and happiness to read your materials! What brings added value is the fact that they offer answers, or could be starting points, for people from unrelated professions. Mona Serbanescu, Arc en Ciel School, Bucharest

I could not have visited Bucharest’s former Jewish quarter and meet remaining community members, without the guidance of Valentin Mandache, architectural historian, holder of many interesting stories of Bucharest and publisher of an excellent, much followed and highly recommended blog – Historic Houses of Romania. Adrian Whittle, travel writer, London

I follow with interest and admiration all what you are enterprising about this exceptional heritage. Alexandre Almajeanu, startup investor and entrepreneur, Bruxelles

I have been following your blog, and really enjoy seeing the photos of buildings and details that rarely make it to the US.  One day when we get to Bucharest, we would love to take advantage of one of your tours. Harriet Seltzer, owner of Things Deco, New York

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time, and love for you city with us. Our members loved it. Antje Kirchert-Hornung, INSEAD Alumni Association, Germany

Gateways, arches, openings of the sky… another voyage of discovery through the streets of Bucharest with Valentin, who with his encyclopedic knowledge brings this historic tapestry to life, and tells the story authentically and free of bias. Rachel Sargeant, restaurateur, The London Street Atelier



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