His Majesty King Charles, Valentin Mandache architectural historian, Bucharest old town

* His Royal Highness very much appreciated your expert knowledge of Sibiu old town history during his guided walk. The Prince of Wales would have me to send you his thanks for your contribution in making his visit to Romania such a success. Private Secretary to The Prince of Wales (now HM King Charles), Clarence House, London

* Thank you very much for taking the time to show us around, and for sharing your vast knowledge and understanding of the beautiful city of Bucharest with us. Philip Hammond, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK

* I am very much enjoying your site on the buildings of Romania – one of the few countries, which Nikolaus Pevsner never really explored! He would have been fascinated by the evidence you present on the artistic movements that interested him so much. Susie Harries, biographer of Nikolaus Pevsner

*  Your tour was fascinating and you brought Bucharest’s history to life. Earl Howe, deputy leader, The House of Lords

*  I would highly recommend the fascinating guided architectural tours by the hugely knowledgeable Valentin Mandache, for all those looking to learn more about Bucharest’s architectural heritage. Paul Brummell, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Romania (2014 – 2018)

* One of the many good things about your website is that it is changing the way I look at the city I live in, Berlin. Monika Baer

* Take an architectural tour with a man who knows his stuff: Valentin Mandache. Worth noting that when Prince Charles took a tour of the Old Town during his official visit, Valentin was his guide. Five essential things to do in Bucharest – Bucharest in your pocket

* We have learnt so much from Valentin: history, religions, geology, life in Romania. We have been blessed to have such a guide. Alison Steer, former mayor of St Albans, UK

* Our biggest regret about moving out of Bucharest, is leaving your fantastic architectural heritage tutelage behind! We will miss your tours and you! Holly and Tom Holst, Salt Lake City, Utah

* Thank you for revealing so much about Romania. Utterly Captivating! You are an excellent guide… patiently dealing  with our diverse interests. Complicated, but unforgettable. Charlie de Wet, chair, Huguenots of Spitalfields, UK

* I would like to commend you on your impressive knowledge of the historic Romanian houses. I was completely unaware of the Neo-Romanian architectural style until I took on a Romanian client and started researching, and your site was a huge help. Eric Lind, architect, Sacramento, California

* I have been following your blog, and really enjoy seeing the photos of buildings and details that rarely make it to the US.  One day when we get to Bucharest, we would love to take advantage of one of your tours. Harriet Seltzer, owner of Things Deco, New York

* I was interested in the Islamic history and architecture of Romania but it is very difficult to find anything. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in brining to the internet such a hidden history. Faisel Devon, UK

* I could not have explored Jewish Bucharest in such breadth and detail without the guidance of Valentin Mandache, Architectural Historian, holder of interesting stories of Bucharest and publisher of an excellent, much followed and highly recommended blog. Adrian Whittle, travel writer, London

* Gateways, arches, openings of the sky… another voyage of discovery through the streets of Bucharest with Valentin, who with his encyclopaedic knowledge brings this historic tapestry to life, and tells the story authentically and free of bias. Rachel Sargeant, investment adviser, Bucharest

* Your extensive knowledge of the architectural history of Wallachia gave us a fascinating insight into a country at the Eastern edge of the European Union and  at the centre of the continent. Your delivery in an easy flowing manner, also relating to other parts of European history, made it  easy to follow and take in. Gillian Craig, Art and Cultural Travel, London

Guiding an architectural tour in Constanta, the ancient Tomis, where Ovid was once exiled, on the Black Sea shore, for a party of museum and archeology experts from East Anglia.


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