for-website-4By attending Historic Houses of Romania – Case de Epoca courses, you will acquire the skills necessary to understand in a structured, first-class manner the architectural fabric and styles, together with the social and economic history hidden behind old domestic houses, historic palaces, religious buildings or civic and industrial edifices that make up the built environment of Romania.

The architecture of buildings is the most visible identity marker of a community, and its proficient perception is essential in making sense of a place, its personality and identity, to know who we are as part of that environment. For owners of historic houses, or those involved in the restoration/ renovation of period buildings, and in other activities related to historic estates, these courses will offer invaluable knowledge and methodological clues for bringing back old edifices to their former glory through a correct understanding of their architectural styles, layers of history and fashions, elements necessary in preparing, undertaking and completing a successful restoration/ renovation project. Also the insights gained at the course would prove beneficial in giving a leading edge when marketing a historic house.

I am an experienced speaker to audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world, enjoying to making parallels and links between the historical experience of different countries in order to facilitate the understanding of a particular place and community. I have given speeches at prestigious seminars and conferences, while I studied and worked at the London School of Economics and Political Science, at universities and research establishments in the United Kingdom, the European Union or the United States. I am also a seasoned lecturer through assignments at the prestigious Farnham Castle Intercultural Training, a global business consultancy, where I was coaching, as regional expert, global company executives, or senior British diplomats taking up post in Romania or the Republic of Moldova. I also regularly give talks about the architectural history of Bucharest and Romania.

The courses are designed for small groups, which will facilitate a better interactivity and exchange of ideas between students and lecturer. Each course is structured for 6 or 7 sessions, the first four or five being reserved for teaching, once per week, after working hours, with one field session in a weekend day, followed by a final discussion session the weekend next, when you will also be provided with an acknowledgement of following and completing the course.

The following is a selection of courses in my portfolio:

How to read an old house
Art Nouveau in Romania
The Little Paris architecture of the La Belle Époque period
The prosperous 1930s: Art Deco architecture in Bucharest
The Neoromanian style: the aesthetics and social history of the national architecture
Bucharest architectural styles
Elements of architectural photography and inquiry
How to design and guide architectural tours
Manor houses: architecture, history, their heritage value and commercial worth

For more particulars and to discuss attending specific courses, please call Valentin using the Contact page details.