End of year “Historic Houses of Romania” blog word cloud

As 2009 ends today, I performed a “wordle” on my blog. This is a word cloud obtained obtained using the Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/) web interface. It shows the most used to date 150 words on the Historic Houses of Romania blog. Click the image bellow for a larger picture.

I like this web facility as the cloud mirrors the essence of my writing on this blog to date (over a period of one year and a bit since I set up the site). The most prominent words which I use are: Architecture, Romania, Bucharest, Neo-Romanian, style, Europe, historic, architectural, property, Art, Deco, project, identity… all of which I am very proud! 🙂

Wordle: Wordle for Historic Houses of Romania blog: 31 Dec. '09


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