Increased Interest in My Blog from the Romanian Press

There seems to be a certain amount of press interest among various media types in Romania in my historic houses blog, of which I set up a Romanian language version in December 2009 (, containing translations of about half of the articles from the main English site. In the last four days I have thus been mentioned or invited to the following:

* A short mention in the newspaper “Observator Cultural”, which has a countrywide distribution and also a comprehensive webpage. See the article mentioning what I do and the blog here:…-azi)*articleID_23395-articles_details.html

*Mentioned as Scientific Consultat for a regional TV programme in north-western Romania, where I advised about the style and history of a quaint  period house in the city of Oradea. See the video here, the mention is at the end of the film:

*& Today, 20.05 hour- Bucharest time, I will be participating at a radio programme hosted by the Radio Romania International station (listened to by many among the 10 million strong Romanian disapora all over the globe). The programe is entitled “Old and New in Bucharest Architecture. How to Preserve our Identity” moderated by Mara Popa. See a link with information about this programme here:

I am quite pleased with this interest and hope that will result in increased public awareness about my services in this specialist field and thus contribute to the better preservation and publicity of the embattled historic houses of Romania.


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