The Abstract Tower of A Neo-Romanian House

The abstract tower structure of a Neo-Romanian style house from mid-1920s, Icoanei area, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

One of the main decorative structures of a Neo-Romanian style house is its tower, modelled after that of the fortified houses called cula, built by the yeomen of Oltenia region in the c17th-c19th. The tower usually occupies a great deal of space from that available for habitation and therefore only houses built on large enough plots, difficult to find in the perennially crowded Bucharest, were able to properly accommodate such a prestige structure.  The architectural solution was to design façade structures mimicking the tower, integrating in it verandas on the upper floor or large bay windows. Many Neo-Romanian houses built on small plots of land feature such tower abstractions, seamlessly and graciously protruding from within the façade. I found an excellent example of a Neo-Romanian house tower abstraction, shown in the photograph above, dating from mid 1920s, where I very much like the late Art Nouveau decorative elements that characterizes the Neo-Romanian style in its early phases of development.


I endeavor through this daily series of images and small articles to inspire appreciation of the historic houses of Romania, a virtually undiscovered, but fascinating chapter of European architectural history and heritage.


If you plan acquiring a historic property in Romania or start a renovation project, I would be delighted to advice you in sourcing the property, specialist research, planning permissions, restoration project management, etc. To discuss your particular plan please see my contact details in the Contact page of this weblog.

One thought on “The Abstract Tower of A Neo-Romanian House

  • The band of geometric decoration along the top is very unusual… and reminds me of 16-bit computer graphics, but that’s a good thing.

    Also, I love the lemon colour. I don’t know whether it’s authentic, but it’s certainly pretty.



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