The Tallest Art Deco Flagpole in Bucharest

The tallest Art Deco style flagpole in Bucharest: about 10 metres tall; embellishes a mid 1930s block of flats in the Opera area. (©Valentin Mandache)

The photomontage above shows from different angles what, in my opinion, is the tallest Art Deco flag post ornament in Bucharest. It is about 10 meters tall, but despite that respectable height, is quite difficult to notice, being placed along the stair tower, on the side corner of a well designed Art Deco building, among a high density urban landscape. That high density of the built area and the fact that most of the other houses around are older than the block of flats containing the flagpole, imposed this interesting design solution. The plot of land on which the edifice had to be erected presented a difficult sharp angle corner, which was imaginatively used by the architect to suggest within its confines the bow area and flagpole of an ocean liner, a favourite source of inspiration for the Art Deco era designers.

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