Word Cloud for the “Historic Houses of Romania” blog

Wordle for Historic Houses of Romania on 31 August 2010

This is an automatic word cloud generatd using the site http://www.wordle.net of the most frequent 150 words found in the articles that I wrote for the “Historic Houses of Romania” blog, displayed on the front page of the site.

The cloud can also be accessed at this link: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/2353180/Historic_Houses_of_Romania’s_wordle_on_31_August_2010

I like the fact that among the most frequent words that I use in my writings are terms such as “Neo-Romanian”, “Style”, “Art”, “Deco”, “Romania”, “Bucharest”, “Architecture”, “Ottoman”, “identity”, “historic”, “property”, “project”, “1930s”- exactly what this blog documents regarding the historic architecture and the period property market of Romania.


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