Queen Anne of Romania: 87th Birthday Anniversary

Queen Anne w. King Michael of Romania, Crown Princess Margarita

A very Happy Birthday to HM Queen Anne of Romania, 18 September 2010!

This post was initially been published on Diana Mandache’s blog on royal history.

I would like to extend my well wishes to Queen Anne for her birthday anniversary! Most of the heritage architecture of Bucharest and Romania has been created during the reign of the Romanian monarchs. The Royal Family represents the link with those achievements, cultivating with abnegation, through the work of its members, the appreciation of this country’s history. Queen Anne’s exemplary life, from her education and remarkable modesty in the spirit of the catholic church, to the meritorious service during the Second World War in the French Forces, and sacrifices endured with dignity during the long exile together with her husband, King Michael of Romania, is an ideal worth emulating for us all! VM


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