The new Wops and Dagos of Europe: 10 common myths about Romanians and Romania among some British people

On an amusing note: I compiled bellow a small list of misconceptions, which as an ethnic Romanian sometime I encounter when I travel the length and breadth of Britain:

1. Romania is the country of origin of the Romani people.

2. Romania is a strange and far away land (the fantasy Ruritania or Dracula-land of the cinema productions).

3. Romanians speak a hard to learn language (in the British imagination: being Gypsies they must speak an Indian idiom, or being East Europeans they must speak some sort of difficult Slavic language).

4. Very few Romanians, the people being so backward, speak English and one can get by with great difficulty in that country.

5. Romania is full of social problems, especially orphans and disabled children.

6. Romania is a small and far away country and people of whom we know nothing (remember the Nazi appeaser Neville Chamberlain).

7. Romania has a placid landscape or does not have mountains.

8. Romanians are a poor, uneducated lot, a yob.

9. Romanians were allied with Nazi Germany and fought against Britain (I failed my first UK driving licence test with a WWII veteran examiner who tirelessly reminded me that).

10. Quintessential Romanian leaders were Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and his modern incarnation Ceausescu.


1930s photograph of Romanian peasant women from Bucovina region. Old photograph from the Ethnographic Survey of Romania 1936, Valentin Mandache collection

5 thoughts on “The new Wops and Dagos of Europe: 10 common myths about Romanians and Romania among some British people

  • Chris yeah! and British people eat their children at midnight dressed in halloween costumes


    • true? really ? do you still live in Romania? 🙂

      This phrases are exactly how I could said: all the British people are related with the Queen Elisabeth or princess Diana 😉

      keeping jokes, I will add:

      11. all Romanians live in tents and
      12. they raise horses
      13. they never leaved their country and no one can be found anywhere else than in Romania 🙂


      • 🙂 you wont believe how many times I’ve been asked over the last decade if “Romanians live in tents and horse-drawn carts” by PhD international relations students in London. VM



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