Art Deco style street lamppost

The Art Deco street lampposts are a very rare occurrence in Bucharest. The doorway lamps in this style are, on the contrary, encountered in a great multitude of interesting designs, as I documented some month ago in this photomontage. I have been quite lucky to spot the wonderful street lamppost shown in the photographs bellow, as it is most of the year obscured by the foliage of the trees from a small park that once, decades ago, it used to illuminate. Its shape is very similar with another lamppost which I found in the Spain Square of Bucharest last year, but has ampler dimensions and with some added features. I like especially the three stepped (in tone with Art Deco’s rule of three) cap that crowns the lamp. Sadly the lamppost is now out of use, but can probably be easily put back in working order if there is enough will in that regard from the city’s authorities.

1930s Bucharest Art Deco style street lamppost, Jules Michelet area.(©Valentin Mandache)
1930s Bucharest Art Deco style street lamppost, Jules Michelet area. (©Valentin Mandache)


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