Cheerful Art Deco panel

1930s floral and sun burst motifs Art Deco style panel, Popa Soare area, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

I found that the elegant Art  Deco style panel, which I encountered a few days ago adorning the street corner façade of a house in one of the central quarters of Bucharest, had a quite cheering up effect on me in this cold and overcast April month. It reminds of the luxuriant climate of the Southern Seas with which the 1930s Bucharesters were so much fascinated. I like the play between its apparent symmetry, expressed by the bold central chevron, which probably symbolises the Sun or a mountainous landscape, balanced by a rhythmic asymmetry of short sunbursts, floral motifs and two peculiar little stars.


I endeavour through this series of periodic articles to inspire appreciation of the historic houses of Romania, a virtually undiscovered, but fascinating chapter of European architectural history and heritage.


If you plan acquiring or selling a historic property in Romania or start a renovation project, I would be delighted to advice you in sourcing and transacting the property, specialist research, etc. To discuss your particular plan please see my contact details in the Contactpage of this weblog.


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