February blizzard in Bucharest

February 2012 blizzard in Bucharest: crow and water birds on the frozen surface of the Dambovita river (©Valentin Mandache)
February 2012 blizzard in Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

We had in Bucharest at this beginning of February, together with the rest of Eastern and Central Europe, a capricious freezing weather caused by a massive Siberian weather-front, which is a normal occurrence in wintertime in these parts of the the Eurasian continent. The Lower Danube prairie, where Bucharest is located, becomes in such instances a true part of Siberia, as these photograph that I shot a couple of days ago testify.

2 thoughts on “February blizzard in Bucharest

  • Hi Valentin hope you are managing to stay warm. We watch the weather reports of freezing conditions with concern, particularly for the homeless.

    Robin (in very warm Australia!)


    • Hello Robin, thank you for the message and nice words. So far we are quite warm in the house, as long as Russia will keep the gas pipe open 🙂 For the homeless people and for many other beings is often a tragedy. There are services, shelters and organisations taking care of these, but I believe they are quite overwhelmed by the intensity of the weather travails. A big problem is the access to medical emergencies in isolated villages, where not even the army caterpillar wheeled vehicles cannot go through the snow dunes and high winds. There are forecast another few days of bad weather, but I trust we’ll be ok; it is not so unusual to have such winter meteorology in this part of the world! Cheers, Valentin



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