Neo-Rococo finial, pigeons and winter sky in Bucharest

I shot this photograph today, late afternoon, in Lipscani quarter of Bucharest, finding it evocative for the city’s atmosphere in wintertime. I like the contrast between the grey sky, fluffy-feathered pigeons, and suggestion of a forthcoming torrid summer conveyed by the two classical mythology personages that adorn the great cupola finial of an old shopping arcade, which dates from the La Belle Époque period.

Neo-Rococo finial, pigeons and winter sky in Lipscani quarter, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

4 thoughts on “Neo-Rococo finial, pigeons and winter sky in Bucharest

  • Those are both excellent “pocket” cameras, I have the Cyber-shot myself, but I would have thought you would want a “real camera” :-)) those “modern” Nikon, Canon and Pentax take incredible photos, if you are like me, you can always use the “auto” :-)) but have the possibility of learning all the different features, which do make a difference… yes you will check out the prices, but I think you will find Bucharest cheaper than the UK to buy one, and yes, Zeiss lenses
    Great photo! of a most wonderful finial !!


  • What a beautiful picture! I am planning on getting a new camera to improve quality of pictures on my blog. Could you give me any tips? I left Bucharest yesterday and flew into a sunny warm unusually welcoming London for this time in the year. But today, it went back to the old expected ways.. gloomy, dark and humid. And all this while I kept thinking of Bucharest in the sunshine. How surprising then to see this beautiful architectural feature in Lipscani against a London-like-rather sky..


    • Thanks for appreciating my “environmental” picture! I would recommend for a start the medium size point and shoot cameras, such as Canon Ixus or Sony Cyber-Shot (I prefer those equipped with Zeiss lenses). I trust London’s temperatures are a bit more bearable than Bucharest’s hibernal ones. VM



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