The communist heroes’ mausoleum

This is the most beautiful architectural creation of the communist era in Romania: the communist heroes’ mausoleum (finised in 1963) where once stood the Palace of Arts of the 1906 Royal Jubilee Exhibition. It was designed by Horia Maicu and Nicolae Cucu, two outstanding architects, formed in inter-war Romania, with in depth experience of another architecture of power, the fascist style (Mussolinian) of the late 1930s, skills easily employable in the conditions of the subsequent communist dictatorship.

Communist heroes' mausoleum, 1963, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

2 thoughts on “The communist heroes’ mausoleum

  • I do not think it is in the bulked up dictatorial style that looks as if it is on steroids. At first glance, I would suggest the communist heroes’ mausoleum is an appropriately sensitive architectural creation, and beautiful as you noted. The snow makes the scene even more vulnerable.


    • It is a gracious monument, with pleasing to the eye proportions. There are references to communist symbolism, such as the five arches (the communist five rays star/ pentagram) and also national (the arches are an allusion to the Neo-Romanian style). The use of different colour stone has also a deep symbolism associated with the monumental funerary art. Such achievement is the appanage of only talented architects. Valentin



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