Neo-Romanian style garden pavilion

Neo-Romanian style garden pavilion, Patriarchy Hill area, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

This is a rare architectural history find: a Neo-Romanian style garden gazebo. I know of just three other such examples throughout Bucharest, one of them documented on this blog at the following link. The structure dates, looking at its tell tale features, from the first part of the 1930s (what I call the late phase of the Neo-Romanian style) and in all probability was preceded by a pavilion in the Little Paris (what I term the local architecture inspired from French c19th historicist styles) or another pre-Great War design. The reason I am supposing that is because the construction sits within the courtyard of a Little Paris house dating form the 1900s, betrayed in this photograph by clamshell awning peculiar of that era, visible in the upper right corner area. The garden pavilion, even in the ramshackle condition in which is found now, conveys the beautiful semi-rural atmosphere of old patriarchal Bucharest, a flash back image of the pleasant city which once was, before the industrialization of the communist era and overpopulation and neglect occasioned by the wild economic boom and bust cycles of the 2000s.


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