1940s lettering

1940s style lettering, name board of a shoe repair shop in Dacia area, Bucharest (©Valentin Mandache)

This is an original name board of a small shoe repair shop in Bucharest, which dates probably from the years of the Second World War. The lettering style is very evocative of that historical watershed period for the city and Romania in general. For me it suggests the streets of the city during the hot August 1944 days, when King Michael broke the disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany, arrested the pro-German dictator and joined the allied cause, saving the country from a looming catastrophic punishment invasion by the Red Army.

(I am grateful to Romulus Andrei Bena for pointing out this shop board, during a Historic Houses of Romania architectural walking tour in Dacia area, last year)

3 thoughts on “1940s lettering

  • Great it is still going strong! I like the contrast with the new double glazing 🙂 that will not last as long 🙂 as it will become “foggy”… let us all have the address, that way that good old sign is doing what it intended :-))


    • You are right Moray, that business would possibly get a few new customers through my article. It is located on Aurel Vlaicu street, about halfway distance between its ends.



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