Bucharest old street nameplates

Bucharest old street nameplate (©Valentin Mandache)

I enjoy doing, apart from examining the architectural styles of period houses, what I call “urban archaeology” and discover traces of the old fabric of a city. Illustrated here are two such findings, examples of street name plates still surviving in hidden corners of contemporary Bucharest. The photograph above indicates a street and house number, carved on a marble plate, in the centre of the city, in the lettering style of the the 1900s, while the second photograph is from what in the late 1920s were the new suburbs to the north east of Basarab train station. That date is also betrayed by the lettering style typical of that period and by the vernacular Neo-Romanian style of the house which bears this quaint plate.

Bucharest old street nameplate (©Valentin Mandache)
Bucharest old street nameplate (©Valentin Mandache)

2 thoughts on “Bucharest old street nameplates

  • i am in Bucharest about every six weeks but so far unable to go on a tour but i will one day.Your pictures,comments and videos are endlessly fascinating


    • Thank you for your nice words Rory! Whenever you have time, you are very welcome at the tours, or alternatively, if you find that more convenient, we can discuss to arrange a special tour for you on a day and time mutually suited. Valentin



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