The Moon seen from Bucharest

Last night the Moon was at perigee, in spectacular full-moon phase, the Earth’s satellite looking larger than usual, reflecting an ampler amount of sunlight. The Bucharest night-sky at 22.00h, when I made the photograph (first image bellow), featured an eerie blue complexion induced by the atypical brightness. In those glare conditions the Moon’s surface relief was less distinguishable, apart form its seas and major craters, such as the impressive Tycho crater from the southern hemisphere. The lunar landscape was certainly more noticeable a week ago, on 30 April, when I made the second photograph presented bellow, with the Moon in waxing gibbous phase, which favoured a better visibility of its meteor impact craters, especially those located in the twilight area between the day and night zones. The photographs were taken with a Canon SX20is.

Moon in full phase seen from Bucharest on 5 May ’12 (©Valentin Mandache)
Moon in waxing gibbous phase seen from Bucharest on 30 April ’12 (©Valentin Mandache)

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