Cast doorbell

Cast doorbell, Cismigiu area, Bucharest (photo Valentin Mandache)

The cast doorbells are a rare sight in Bucharest. I encountered this one during an architectural walking tour in Cismigiu area, adorning the entrance of a Little Paris style house (dating from the 1900s). I am not sure if this is an original item or an something more recent, rendered in an “antique” manner. However, the doorbell looked well integrated within the overall architectural design of the house.

4 thoughts on “Cast doorbell

  • It has the “Fleur de Lis” above the bell, it’s either cast in spirit of that age, when Napoleon was saving us from the Russian Tsarist Imperialism, or directly from it.
    It can be found out by the quality and composition of the iron, which looks centuries old.


    • Thank you for the interesting insight regarding the symbolism of the cast bell assembly! I very much hope is an original item. I should be less timid and go ask people living there for first hand information in that regard. VM


  • I love these bells, good way to hit the bell for “kids it’s Dinner time” the whole neigbourhhood would hear it. LOL



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