Architectural tour in central Bucharest for the President of Croatia

His Excellency Mr. Ivo Josipović, the President of Croatia, and Valentin Mandache, the author of Historic Houses of Romania – Case de Epoca blog, 1 July ’12, Bucharest

I had the great honour today to show and talk about the historic architecture of central Bucharest to the President of Croatia, His Excellency Mr. Ivo Josipović. There is a year since I started architectural tours of the capital and other Romanian cities and I hope that my explanations gave to the high guest a good round up image about the history of this metropolis’ built landscape in its multifaceted aspects, from social, economic, to the geopolitical one. Mr. President is a high calibre intellectual, a lawyer by training and noted composer of classical music, which made my task to communicate the knowledge a real pleasure, and at the same time challenging through the multitude of punctual and contextual details which I had to provide.

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