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      • Thank you for your message Susie, and a happy 2012! The photograph is a “modern” sculpture placed in the University Square in the centre of Bucharest. It is an allegory of the personages populating the plays written by Ion Luca Caragiale, one of the classics of Romanian literature (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_Luca_Caragiale), who in his writing style was a sort of a cross between Anton Chekhov and Jaroslav Hasek. The buildings behind are: on the left the University of Bucharest, which is a stripped down, nearly neoclassical, Beaux Arts style edifice, designed in the 1850s by Alexandru Orascu, the first properly trained (Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris) Romanian architects, while the edifice on the right, behind the sculpture, is the University of Architecture “Ion Mincu” (Mincu is the initiator of the Neo-Romanian style in the 1880s), designed by arch. Grigore Cerkez in the 1910s, one of the most important Neo-Romanian style buildings in the country. Best regards, Valentin


  • Dear Valentin, I thank you ever so much for the beautiful blog and would you please trust me that every day I’m becoming j more and more affectionate and passionate of Historic Houses of Romania which I love. Thanks again and All the best to you in your research. Gabrielle


  • I have seen your designs and I am thrilled by your imaagination. I am interior designer. How many kinds of pillar carving you did till date. I want your help in my projects. Could it be possible for you in Abu Dhabi, Uninted Arab Emirat.


    • Hello Habeeb, thank you for you nice comment! I am an expert in period properties/ historic houses; I am not a wood carver. I can of course present or do consulting in Abu Dhabi on the subject of historic architecture and period property from this part of Europe. Valentin


  • By trade, I am a Wall Finisher (applying such finishes as Venetian plaster, Lusterstone etc.), Faux finisher and Gilder.
    However, my main interest is in architectural ornament (I am one of the few finishers here promoting the use of composition ornament- the steam method). Therefore, I so appreciate your closeup photos of such ornament, and painted ornament!
    I’m particularly fascinated by the Peacock motif.

    I do look forward to more of these detail photos. Thank You!


    • Thank you Julie for your nice words about the content of my blog! I have scheduled a series of such exquisite architectural ornaments, peacock and other motifs, in the following weeks. Valentin



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