Architect Marcel Iancu and his Modernist designs in Bucharest. Impressions by Adrian Yekkes

Adrian Yekkes, the insightful travel writer interested in Jewish heritage around the world, who last week came all the way from London to visit Bucharest, has just published his impressions about the great Romanian Jewish architect Marcel Iancu and his Modernist buildings that embellish Romania’s capital. I had the pleasure to be Adrian and his friend’s guide in the city and share with them my views about that unique creator. Iancu is among the founders of the Dada artistic movement and a gifted Modernist architectural designer. Bucharest was the place where he spread his creative wings, a trajectory unfortunately prematurely interrupted by the onset of the Second World War and the Holocaust in this part of the world. Adrian’s delightful article brimful of information can be accessed and read at this link:

Marcel Janco and Modernist Bucharest:

Fresh impressions about Jewish Bucharest by Adrian Yekkes, a Londoner and travel writer

Recently I had the pleasure to be the guide in Bucharest of Adrian Yekkes and his friend, who came from London to see the remnants of the Jewish civilization that once thrived in this East European city, and also the creations of Marcel Janco, a founder of the Dada artistic movement and creator of remarkable modernist architectural designs in the 1920s and ’30s Bucharest. The very insightful article written by Adrian can be accessed at this link: