“Historic Houses of Romania” blog mentioned in the Australian magazine “Spirit of Progress”

Cover page and page selection from the latest issue of "Spirt of Progress" magazine (issue 41, autumn 2010)

A couple of days ago I received by post a copy of the magazine “Spirit of Pogress”, journal of Art Deco and Modernism Society Inc. of Australia, issue 41, autumn 2010. The journal is a high quality publication detailing the Art Deco and Modernism phenomena in Australia, with references to other worthy of note world locations where these international movements have made and impact. There is an excellent small article in this issue about my Romanian architectural history writings (see the photomontage and slide show included), with references to the Art Deco built environment of Bucharest, where a special mention is made about an Art Deco flag pole in the shape of a stylised saxophone adorning a 1930s Bucharest house, about which I wrote a post some month ago; the photograph of that interesting artefact also heads the article. I am very grateful to Robin Grow, the President of Australia’s Art Deco and Modernism Society, for writing this brief and very informative piece about my architectural history work in Romania, thus making known to an even wider international and highly knowledgeable audience the Art Deco phenomenon of Bucharest. I cite here some of his nice words about my work:

“One of a number of wonderful blogs around today is the ‘Historic Houses of Romania’ written by Valentin Mandache […]. The daily images posted by Valentin are a joy, and are often accompanied by the story and background to the building- designers, builders, owners and occupants.”

I am very glad that my architectural history finds from this corner of Europe have an echo at the antipodes through my website as reflected in this august publication. It inspires me to explore the possibility of putting together in the following years of the organisational infrastructure and lobbying for organizing in Bucharest of a future Art Deco World Congress 🙂

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