The Hen with Golden Chicks treasure trove

A short evocation of the place where the Goths buried in a hurry their treasure in 376 CE, when threatened by the marauding Huns, in what is now Pietroasele, southeastern Romania. They left in haste dashing towards the safety of the nearby Roman Empire frontier, burring there one of the important golden treasure troves found in Europe. It was discovered by local peasants in the 1830s, with a dramatic and checkered history afterwards, including a stint in Moscow during the Great War and the Read more

The Roman fort of Pietroasele

This is a video from my recent visit at Pietroasele, in Buzau county, southeast Romania, famous for a large Gothic treasure trove find, which it is now the main exhibit of the National Museum of History in Bucharest. The place also hosts a castrum/ fort, of no lesser historical importance, which was part of the advance warning outposts of the Roman Empire in the early 4th c CE, watching the corridor between the Great Bend of the Carpathian mountains and the Danube bend at Galati, a geographical feature linking the frontiers of the empire with the highways of migratory peoples roaming in the Pontic Steppe, the north Caucasus and Central Asia. Through this corridor fearsome peoples like the Goths, the Huns, the Avars or the Bulgarians will emerge like a Read more