The 10 most popular Historic Houses of Romania articles in February 2012

  1. Bucharest 1900s architectural ironwork
  2. The NEO-ROMANIAN ARCHITECTURAL STYLE: a brief guide on its origins and features
  3. ART DECO Bucharest building damaged through ignorance and avarice
  4. Earthquake Events in Bucharest and Their Effect on Historic Houses
  5. Glazed ironwork entrance from the La Belle Époque years
  6. Lilac leaf shaped Art Nouveau windows
  7. Art Deco magazine covers
  8. Bucharest 1930s skyline
  9. Bucharest Neo-Romanian style windows
  10. Neo-Romanian style picture frames

I am happy to report that the blog Case de Epoca – Historic Houses of Romania goes from strength to strength, as the site statistics for February 2012 wholesomely show. I again had 20,000 unique readers from all over the globe, the leading countries being the United States, Romania, United Kingdom, India, Russia and Australia. Bellow is a distribution map of my blog’s readership in the last few months. Needless to say that the coverage achieved by Historic Houses of Romania is unmatched by any of Romania’s architectural, cultural tourism or property market magazine, publications that have many employees, funded by press trust money.

Case de Epoca - Historic Houses of Romania readers' distribution map, 1 March '12

Word cloud for Historic Houses of Romania blog, 2 July ’11

Wordle: word cloud for Historic Houses of Romania blog, 2July 2011 (click image to access page)

I obtained this word cloud consisting of the most used 100 words on this site as they are displayed today, 2 July ’11, on its front page (containing 17 out of a total of over 650 blog articles written to date) using the facility. Some of the most prominent words are Bucharest, architectural, Art, Deco, Romania, history, photography, undiscovered, heritage, research, acquiring, specialist, houses… giving a good image, in my opinion, of the profile and target of my writings and research in the field of Romania’s historic houses and market for period properties. The website is now the largest internet resource in that area.