Article about the the “Historic Houses of Romania” blog in the publication “Romanian Diaspora”

The Romanian language online magazine “Romanian Diaspora” (“Diaspora Romaneasca”) from Italy has published a laudative article about the blog “Historic Houses of Romania” (its Romanian language version: “Case de Epoca”) and its contribution to the dissemination of information and news about the Romanian architectural heritage. I would like here to express, as the author of this blog, my thanks to the editors of “Romanian Diaspora” for the article and their nice words! It is a feeling of great professional satisfaction when my writings and research are thus found interesting and appreciated by people from among the large Romanian expatriate communities from Italy and elsewhere searching for references about their cultural identity.

Articol despre blogul Case de Epoca in publicatia Diaspora Romaneasca Ziarul online “Diaspora Romaneasca” din Italia a publicat pe data de 10 August 2010 un elogios articol despre blogul Case de Epoca, click aici pentru acces la articol. Mentionez mai jos cateva dintre frumoasele si incurajatoarele cuvinte ale redactorilor la adresa scrierilor mele pe tema patrimoniului arhitectural romanesc, pentru care le multumesc: “Oameni ca Valentin Mandache sunt o comoară pentru orice urbe care mai are o fărâmă de istorie, tr … Read More

via Case de Epoca


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