“Neo-Romanian” winter landscape

Bucharest contemplates now the aftermath of the heavy snowfall that blanketed the city in the last few days. The hibernal landscape is very picturesque, giving new perspectives on the local architecture. Bellow are three photographs of Neo-Romanian style houses, for you to sample that kaleidoscope of perceptions, which I took yesterday, fresh after the epic whiteout. The first image presents a Neo-Romanian style street fence, where the poles are in the shape of short columns typical of that order, crowned by capitals doubling in normal weather conditions as jardinières. Now they are topped up by by sugarloaf-like snow accumulations indicating that the precipitation happened in quiet, windless conditions. The second photograph shows a Neo-Romanian roof finial, emerging as the only clearly recognisable element on that snow capped roof. The third illustration depicts picturesque ample icicles adorning the roof edge of the Spiridon Ceganeanu house in Romana Square, one of the landmark Neo-Romanian style buildings of Bucharest.

A 1920s Neo-Romanian style street fence dating from the 1920a, Lascar Catargiu area, Bucharest, 14 Feb. 2012(©Valentin Mandache)
A 1920s Neo-Romanian roof finial, Lascar Catargiu area, Bucharest, 14 Feb. 2012 (©Valentin Mandache)
Neo-Romanian style house designed by arch. Spiridon Ceganeanu, built in 1913, Piata Romana area, Bucharest, 14 Feb. 2012 (©Valentin Mandache)


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