Tour: the Art Deco of Domenii quarter

Domenii text start En -750x500 ADear Readers,

I would like to propose you a tour dedicated to the first class Art Deco style architecture of Domenii quarter, guided by me, Valentin Mandache, the architectural historian, and open to all of you who would like to finding out in a learned, interdisciplinary, but easy to comprehend manner about the cultural and architectural identity of Bucharest, scheduled to take place this Saturday 18 March 2023, between the hours 12.30h – 14.30h.

Domenii is important as an architectural landmark for Bucharest, revealed by the fact that in the past has been the host of a part of the city’s professional elite, comprising especially high and medium rank officials from the interwar Ministry of Agriculture and of the Royal Domains, hence its name, and also pilots and aircraft engineers who worked at the nearby airport and its famous aviation workshops. The area has been built between the beginning of the 1920s and the end of the 1950s, a period that saw a major economic depression, the rise of the far right in politics, dictatorships, the war, the Soviet invasion, the communist takeover, and the local Stalinism. The beauty of the architecture of this corner of Bucharest, remarkably created during those adversities and vicissitudes, is an extraordinary proof of the resilience of the human spirit, in general, and of the community of this place, in particular. Domenii quarter thus became an architectural reservation for the Art Deco and Modernist designs for Romania’s capital, moreover encompassing a number of splendid houses in Neo-Romanian and other examples of inter-war and immediately post-war styles. We will have the opportunity to see and examine buildings designed by important names from the pleiad of architects of great talent from those times, such as Dimitrie Ionescu-Berechet, Alexandru Zamfiropol, Pandele Serbanescu or Victor Asquini, to cite just a few from the multitude of those creators.

Domenii, is now, judging from the municipality’s rules and regulations, a protected architectural area, but despite that particular heritage status, is suffering irreversible deteriorations caused by those who perform unprofessional renovations, or adopt architectural designs that disfigure the historic character of this prestigious area. Preserved houses and original fragments of those on which has been intervened upon, of that amazing interwar architecture, are awaiting to be discovered, admired and discussed by you, as part of this cultural excursion.

Book by emailing or using the comments section of this post. The deadline for registrations is Friday 17 March, 20.00h (Bucharest hour). You will be informed of the meeting place after I receive the booking. Minimum three participants, maximum ten.


Valentin Mandache, architectural historian (tel: 0040 (0)728323272)

The Art Deco style of Domenii quarter – a Valentin Mandache guided tour
Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 17.59.01
Architectural tour: the Art Deco of Domenii quarter


I endeavour through this series of periodic articles to inspire appreciation of the historic houses of Romania and its wider region in the south east Europe, a virtually undiscovered, but fascinating chapter of architectural history and heritage.


If you would like to find out about the architectural style and history of a period house in Romania, which you intend to acquire, sell, renovate in its historic spirit or restore, I would be delighted to offer you professional consultancy in that direction. To discuss your particular plan please see my contact details in the Contact page of this weblog.


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