Tour in Carol Park: the 1906 Exhibition

Dear Readers,

I would like to invite you to a Historic Houses of Romania tour in Carol Park, which apart from intellectual fulfilment, would also offer the possibility to take a breath of fresh air and witness the onset of spring season at this latitude. The tour is open to all of you who would like to accompany me, the author of this blog, for two hours, on Sunday 21 June 2015, between 11.30h – 13.30h.

We will identify and examine the fascinating vestiges of the Great Exhibition of 1906 (also known as the Royal Jubilee Exhibition, see the pictures presented here), held in that park created specially for the event, when the Neo-Romanian architectural style was popularised to the wider public, contributing to the inception of its mature phase of development for the next two decades and its large scale adoption throughout Romania and neighbouring regions, where the country had a direct influence, especially during the interwar period.

The 1906 Royal Jubilee Exhibition has been the largest such event in south east Europe, modelled after the great universal exhibitions that took place in the western capitals or America starting with the mid c19th. The event was a proud gathering place of some of the best creations Romania had to offer at that date, celebrating 40 years of Read more

Tour: The Great Fire of Bucharest

fireDear readers,

I will organise a thematic architectural tour, this coming Sunday 24 May ’15, between the hours 17.00h – 19.00hon the subject of the Great Fire of Bucharest of 1847, one of the most significant and transformative catastrophic events that affected Romania’s capital, and the important consequences for the architecture of the city that emerged in its aftermath. This cultural excursion may be of interest to any of you visiting the town as a tourist or on business, looking to find out more about its fascinating historic architecture and identity.

The Great Fire occurred on 23 March 1847, in the Jullian calendar used in what was then the Principality of Wallachia, which also corresponded with the Orthodox Easter Day, and obliterated most of the central built area of the then city, which had an Ottoman Balkan character in its architecture and urban set up. It happened during a critical incipient period of westernisation and emancipation from the centuries old Ottoman dominance. The new buildings that emerged in its aftermath were inspired from the Read more

Video-invitation to tour in Domenii quarter

Historic Houses of Romania organises a walking tour on the subject of the Art Deco style architecture of the Domenii quarter of Bucharest, on Sunday, 15 February 2015, between the hours 11.30h – 13.30h. The guide is Valentin Mandache, expert in period buildings. Registrations at

Tour video-call: the Neoromanian style at its peak

Historic Houses of Romania organises on Saturday 31 January 2015 (11.30h – 13.30h) an architectural walking tour on the theme of the Neoromanian style design from the period when it reached a peak in terms of artistic and aesthetic expression (that has happened between the mid-1900s to the late 1920s). The guide is Read more

Video-invitation to tour in Patriarchy See Hill area

Historic Houses of Romania organises an architectural walking tour in the Patriarchal See Hill area of Bucharest, on Saturday 24 January 2015, between 11.30h – 13.30h. The guide is Valentin Mandache, expert in Romania’s historic houses. To register and receive details about the location of the starting point of the Read more

Tour Video-call: the early Neoromanian style

Historic Houses of Romania organises a tour in Gradina Icoanei area of Bucharest, on Saturday 17 January 2015, between 11.30h – 13.30h, on the theme of the early stage of development of Romania’s national architecture (the Neoromanian). Valentin Mandache is going to be your guide; for registering at the Read more