Presenting my brand new voice amplifier

An important part of my architectural education work is the guided tours on architectural styles, historic houses, heritage architecture areas of Bucharest, Romania and southeast Europe. The tours are by their nature conducted outdoors, in the midst of the community, with people getting about their business in noise generating cars, buses, trains, roadworks, etc. and is often hard to project my voice for the benefit of the participants to listen comfortably to the information I provide. That is why I have equipped myself with a voice amplifier, which will improve the delivery of my specialist speeches. The device is called “Smart”, designed by Voice Amplifier of Israel, a heavy duty voice amplifier from a country with a rich experience dealing with cultural tours, and came to me as a birthday present, which is next month, from my brother’s family in Canada- reflecting a truly global network, which is also the essence of my architectural history work.


My aim, through this series of blog articles, is to inspire appreciation of the historic houses of Romania and Southeast Europe, a virtually undiscovered, but fascinating chapter of world’s architectural history and heritage.


If you have a historic house project in Romania or other country in Southeast Europe, I would be delighted to advise you in aspects pertaining to its architectural history and ways to preserve as much as possible from its period fabric and aesthetics in the course of restoration or renovation works, or to counsel you with specialist consultancy work related to that project. To discuss your particular plan please see my contact details in the Contact page of this website.

From the tour in Cismigiu historic area of Bucharest

Bellow are two iPhone photos, which I took during the architectural history tour in Cismigiu area of of Bucharest. The architecture viewed and examined together with the participants was very diverse, from late c19th Little Paris style to species of Neo-Romanian, Art Deco and wonderful modernism. The iPhone images are telling samples of small period details, which are in a way the salt and pepper of such tours. The first photograph presents a very well preserved Little Paris style doorhandle assembly, dating from the La Belle Époque period, while the second photo shows the name plate of a 1930s window blinds manufacturer, whose products, imported from Munich, still cover the windows of an Art Deco apartment block in the Cismigiu area.